i literally forgot how to draw halfway through this goddamn picture

(groans) I have way too many long-winded Soul Eater multi-chapters planned that I don’t have the time/multi-tasking abilities to flesh out, this is becoming painful lol


Yep, we all know what day it is…

Rose being very serious about threading life into her treasured heirloom. (I saw someone’s post talking about this a while back but I don’t remember exactly whose…?)

I spent way too long on this for it to look this bad yikes i cant paint


Anonymous asked: Gamzee and Equius talk every day.

There is a tumblr called forgottenhsfacts with a post that states just this, so I’m going to try to go into more detail about this.

So we know that Equius spoke to Gamzee everyday, it’s routine and was calming for Equius to speak with this person he hate-likes. In a deleted formspring Hussie once mentioned that if Equius had so much as twitched a neck muscle he could have broken the bowstring when Gamzee was murdering him. In another answer Hussie mentions that Equius “was devoted to the caste system to a fault, and he died for it”. (And/Or that Gamzee used his chucklevoodoos to exaggerated Equius’s fear of failing to show a superior deference, to the point of incapacitation.) While the formspring answers are suggestive that Equius chose his own death the audience later did see that Equius STRONGLY regrets being unable to protect Nepeta and wished to apologize to her (warning: linked page is Dirk’s engage trickster [s]) for his failure to overcome his deference to Gamzee. So that’s Equius, now let’s examine Gamzee in relation to their foe-riendship.

Every day Equius spoke to Gamzee, and every day he did he told Gamzee how much he despised him. But consistently in this log what we get is that Gamzee wanted Equius to like him*.

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Let’s retire the phrases “male/female-bodied” please. Thanks.



also “biologically ______”

"anatomically _______" or "__________ anatomy"

”_____ genitalia”

"born/grew up a __________"



Ableism is Helen Keller being an outspoken political activist and lecturer, publishing 12 books, being the first deaf and blind person to ever earn a college degree, a member of the Socialist Party in America, and an activist for women’s rights and labor rights, but never being portrayed by deaf or blind individuals in the numerous movie portrayals of her life (nor her teacher and companion, Anne Sullivan), and being the subject of countless jokes about her disabilities, and the subsequent sound of her voice due to her inability to hear.

Ableism is Christy Brown publishing 7 books that have been translated into over 20 languages, designing a fully adapted home for himself and his family, and teaching himself to write, draw, and paint entirely with his left leg, and people still making jokes ‘that are better read in his r****ded voice’, and having a movie about his life erasing the fact that he was abused and likely killed by his wife and caretaker.

Ableism is Howard Hughes setting and breaking numerous aviation records, winning an oscar, producing over 25 movies, establishing the now 4th largest medical institute in America, and surviving several near fatal plane crashes, but people being more upset by the fact the abled actor who played him didn’t win an oscar, rather than the jokes about him pissing in jars and uncontrollably repeating himself.

Ableism is Stevie Wonder being a child prodigy who was able to play piano, harmonica, drums, and bass at an early age, being signed to Motown at age 11, having over 30 number ten hit singles, receiving the Gershwin Prize, being appointed Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, winning 22 Grammy’s and a Lifetime Achievement Award, and selling 100 million records worldwide, and still being the subject of countless numbers of jokes about not being able to see.

Ableism is Stephen Hawking developing mathematical proof of black holes, redefining the Big Bang Theory, proving Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, surviving 50 years past the 2 year life expectancy doctors gave him, writing a record-breaking bestseller, being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and being made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, but still being made into a joke about incontinence and shitting himself, and the appearance of his face from his disability.

Ableism is abled/able-bodied people thinking the term “Person(s) with Disabilities” has humanized these people in the public mind by putting the person before disability.

Ableism is abled/able-bodied people thinking that “overcoming” a disability means success and living without accommodations, when these people often did both and are still disabled by an abusive, violent, and oppressive society.

Ableism is abled/able-bodied people still seeing your existence pathetic and laughable, no matter - by any standard - the astounding level of your achievements.

Ableism is being measured by your “contribution(s) to society” as a disabled person, and still being seen as subhuman either way, whether you’re considered exceptional or not.

This is important


Be good to yourself, cultivate yourself, protect your space.


The Dai Gyakuten Saiban Takes Us Back To The Past!


The latest Gyakuten Saiban is finally announced with quite a bit of information following it. No, it doesn’t feature our favourite protagonist lawyer, but the protagonist is VERY closely related to him.

Meet Naruhodo Ryunosuke, the person who will be the ancestor of Naruhodo Ryuuichi! With the tagline saying “I will become a lawyer…definitely!”, he is definitely very passionate about the profession. Judging from his attire and this tagline, he is definitely much younger than Naruhodo and perhaps maybe in his high school. I’m interested to see what that katana he’s carrying can be used for.

Naruhodo Ryuuchi will have also an assistant, much like his descendent, who is named 御琴羽. I won’t attempt to romanize this or give the assistant any English equivalent yet, because we know how Gyakuten Saiban loves wordplay, so most likely than not, the name is not going to sound like what it seems. Not much is known about this assistant, not even the gender, though 羽 SEEMS like a female name, but I suppose it can be gender-neutral.

Since the game will be focusing on Naruhodo Ryuuichi’s ancestor, the game will of course be taking place in the past or more specifically the Meiji period.

The Gyakuten Saiban series has always been a little futuristic, in terms of forensic technology, especially after the fourth instalment. So it will definitely be pretty exciting to see what new and refreshing gameplay elements Takumi Shu can bring to this game! I’m actually looking forward to the court system as well and THE JUDGE. I wonder if it is still going to be the same old Judge (just you know, the Judge’s ancestor.)

Yes, Takumi Shu will once again be directing the game, along with producer Kojima Shintaro (E.X. Troopers and Monster Hunter Tri). The game will of course be for the Nintendo 3DS.

This game will most likely be a main feature of the next Nintendo Direct, so fans can look forward to that in the future!

EDIT: Note that I forgot to mention from the snippet of the interview seen in the image leak, it seems that Takumi-san named it Dai Gyakuten Saiban, because he sees this as part of the main series, hence it may be considered as AA6. (Thought that part of the snippet is cut off, so just take my assumptions with a grain of salt.)



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