God is a woman and I;m going to fuck her


you know how once you become an intersectional feminist you start realizing that most if not all of your faves are really shitty in some way

usually I don’t have a hard time letting go of artists/actors etc. who I later find out suck…but I’ll still always be a little upset about how shitty Childish Gambino is…

I feel like he has/had so much potential. I really felt him on the mixed-kid-problems thing he had going on in “Camp.” (the line ”every black ‘you’re not black enough’ is a white ‘you’re all the same’” really hit me/still sits with me). he also really captured what it feels like to never really grow out of your “awkward middle schooler stage” even as an adult, which I also feel. and his music/beats are just good on that album like on a surface level, like they’re so nice and summer-y to listen to. I used to listen to “Camp” every day of my life

but the dude just has to go and make rape jokes, be a gross Asian fetishish, use homophobic lyrics, the list goes on and on…like why. when I re-listened to him again after becoming self aware those additions just felt unnecessary. like he has good aspects to his music and he’s very original sounding, but I can’t listen to all but about three of his songs anymore without cringing and I wish I could

jalek13 whispered: if i met you in person i'd say hi

wise choice lol

Jesus: Make sure nobody is poor
Everyone: So like industrial capitalism?
'If I met you in person…' Finish it in my ask.


in case you haven’t heard this today:

  • you’re amazing
  • you’re cute
  • your smile is beautiful
  • you’re beautiful
  • you’re loved
  • you deserve to live
  • you’re strong
  • you can do this

and i am so fucking proud of you for still being here

don’t come at me with this “you need to find a better job” bullshit when you don’t even have a job

[The United States is an oligarchy, not a democracy.] …[F]indings provide support for two theories of governance: economic elite domination and biased pluralism. The first is pretty straightforward and states that the ultra-wealthy wield all the power in a given system, though some argue that this system still allows elites in corporations and the government to become powerful as well. Here, power does not necessarily derive from wealth, but those in power almost invariably come from the upper class. Biased pluralism on the other hand argues that the entire system is a mess and interest groups ruled by elites are fighting for dominance of the political process. Also, because of their vast wealth of resources, interest groups of large business tend to dominate a lot of the discourse. America, the findings indicate, tends towards either of these much more than anything close to what we call “democracy.”

In either case, the result is the same: Big corporations, the ultra-wealthy and special interests with a lot of money and power essentially make all of the decisions. Citizens wield little to no political power.

A Guide to Finding the Women and Gender Studies Graduate Program for You



I was recently asked how I went about choosing the Graduate Program I’m in. I figured this was a question several other people might be interested in, so I made a helpful little guide!

When choosing a graduate school, it is important to keep in mind several things:

  • location
  • cost of tuition
  • cost of moving
  • cost of living (Let’s face it: there are a lot of costs. All totally worth it if you love what you’re doing.)
  • focus of the program (Is it teaching-focused?/research-focused?/etc.)
  • key aspects of the program (Do you want a program that focuses more on gender studies? Feminism? Womanism? Spirituality? Academia? etc.)
  • research interests of the professors (as you will be doing a thesis/dissertation at some point, and it is much more exciting/helpful to have professors interested in your area of work/research.)
  • Teaching/Research Assisting Opportunities 

Essentially, just make sure you read everything you can about the programs you’re interested in. I made a list of options I was interested in, and kept adding information to it. The one left standing with the most interesting and excited notes was the program I ended up in. 

There’s not many Women’s Studies/Gender Studies/Feminist Studies programs in the United States, so there aren’t an infinite number of options. It’s also very important to keep the name of the program in mind, as that will be how it is focused. For example, “Feminist Studies” will be more oriented towards feminism rather than all of “Women’s Studies.” “Women’s Studies” is likely to more fully explore Womanism and the various contributions of all types of women throughout history. (Feminism being included, of course.) So definitely keep the name of the program in mind. 

Also, for my fellow Southerners growing up in states without Women’s Studies graduate programs, be sure to check out:  The Academic Common Market: Southern Regional Education Board. Through this, I got in-state tuition in Texas since Arkansas didn’t have a Women’s Studies program.

Helpful Links:

1. A list of Master’s and PhD Programs in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies -  (Though this needs to be updated because some of the names of the programs are wrong. If you find something you’re interested in, be sure to get your information from that program’s site.)

2. Ms. Magazine has a map of the Women’s Studies PhD programs in the US - - (This also needs to be updated because Texas Woman’s University does have a Women’s Studies PhD program.)

3. A list of ALL Women’s Studies programs in the US (Graduate and Undergraduate) -

And if anyone has further questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Reblogging this helpful little guide I made because it’s that time of the year again!

Good luck on your applications, everyone! :)

❝ Don’t fool yourself. English isn’t inherently superior, or easier to learn, or more sonically pleasing. Its international usage comes from forceful assimilation and legacy of colonialistic injection. It isn’t a deed that one should take pride in. ❞
what everyone says: im fine
what it really means: wHEN wilLL aPOLLO HaVE his oWN GAme and GET the AA4 plOT holes SolvED


raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl

Page 1: A young man stands in his bedroom
Page 5249: The alternate version of a girl's grandfather kisses his best friends severed head on the lips while a volcano erupts


everytime you think “that’s too big to be a sea bass”

you’re wrong

you are fucking wrong

its always a fucking sea bass